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Together the Psychic and Tarot Card Reading is a powerful combination that can help you avoid pitfalls, overcome obstacles, and guide you to peace, love, and happiness.

Much of the deck follows traditional tarot, but there are also 7 Chakra cards added in to bring additional meaning and depth to the reading.

Get Jupiter in Libra predictions plus Tarot card reading for all signs for October 2016.This deck was created to assist and guide you in matters of the heart, especially the different relationships in your life.However, for almost 300 years Tarot cards have also been used as a tool for divination: to reveal insights and to provide guidance.

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Your new destination for Tarot, Numerology, and Psychic Readings.Psychic Readings by Anna is a well known astrology reading service provider in Alexandria VA 22309.

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The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Card Deck by John Holland is available for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.Learn the Tarot card meanings for each of the 78 Tarot cards: Major and Minor Arcana plus all four suits (Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands).I have been reading Tarot cards and studying Astrology and Numerology for most of my life, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my lifelong passions with you.Psychics and tarot cards, they go together like strawberries and cream.

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Our quality readers can provide you with an Accurate Tarot Reading Today.

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Psychic explains the meaning of tarot cards and of the individual tarot cards and the predictions and interpretations foreseen using traditional layouts.Sue is an intuitive psychic who has developed her abilities at a young age.

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The Tarot deck can be used as an instructional guide to psycho-spiritual development.Wondering what this month holds for you in terms of your love life, career, and personal wellness.He is a psychic medium, and his deck includes the major arcana, the minor arcana, and seven chakra cards.

A Tarot Card Reading by Jennifer will give you the answers you need to create a better future.

This was my first time coming to a place like this and I was quite sceptical.You can also use this reading as what has gone before, what is current and what is to come.Kathleen is a successfully tested, certified psychic and Grandmaster tarot reader.Tarot cards give you a direct connection to Source so you receive profound insights into your past, present, and future.The Tarot is a pack of cards (usually there are 78 cards) that has been around for over half a millennium.

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She has worked with several great mentors over the years in the study of metaphysics.


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